How I got into cosplay:

I will tell you a little about how i started to cosplay ...
The truth is that I started because I was a nerd, ha ha, I
really liked Ranma and i wanted to dress up like my favorite
character, Shampoo. My mother help me and this was my first
costume. he he. I looked really bad, but I loved the feeling
of dressing up. But be careful, because it can surround you
and if you don't know how to control it, it can become addictive,
and suddently you have over 70 cosplay costumes =S ...

The real truth is that I enjoy it a lot, and I love to help others
with their costumes, I always walking around giving out pointers
in how it will be better, so they can become better.

So, don not be shy, and ask if you need anything ;) ...

atte Alechan

Ego data!

Name: Alejandra S.

Age: Can not Tell

Zodiac Sign: Acuario

Religion: he??¿?

City of residence: Monterrey N. L., Mexico

Music: System of a down , No doubt, Korn, Ramstein and many more,
I also like ethnic rithms, i love arabian, greek, spanish and
egycian music.

Foods: I Love sushi .. I do not eat red meats or shrimps
a I like pizza. Yes, that is it.

Hobbies: is more than obvious, not?

Jobs and activities: drummer, dancer, martial artist, kids animator,
crafts teacher, costume designer and paranormal consultant.

Personal 1